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Arcadia or “PT Arga Calista Disain” was founded in 1990 by some young designers who are highly commited to ‘design’, not as separate subject, but as a multidiciplinary approach.

Arcadia moves forward with a spirit to explore the fascinating, challenging world of design. From designing the unique details of “Lifestyle mall in BSD” and the distinctive “Antam Office Tower in TB Simatupang”, or some Leisure Parks in sattelite cities around Jakarta and some other cities in Indonesia.

All with the high enthusiasm not only to create visually attractive and appropriate designs, but also to integrate designs to life with both local and international education backgrounds and working experiences, arcadia’s young designers strive to provide the clients with only the best.

Commitment to reliability and professionalism has led us to build an extensive design portfolio out our clients’ diverse requirements, from the very simple projects to the highly integrated ones.

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